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Hi 👋! I am Subham Sahu,

an undergraduate student at IIT Ropar with a major in electrical and minor in computer science and engineering.

I build and unintentionally break things (which I eventually fix 🙂). I have keen interests in software development, system design and love building mobile and web apps.


Software Development Engineer Intern
Mercari, Inc

- Worked on the authentication module to secure the access tokens from various attacks using Web Workers. 👮‍♂️

- Refactored the social auth with Apple & Google to make them more snappy & performant. 🎉

- Built internal workflows and spinnaker pipelines to enable custom domain in local env. (with TLS). It enabled us to test some products in the local development environment and improve developers' productivity 🙂.

DevRel Intern
Feb 2022 - May 2022

- Built an internal data pipeline on Apache Airflow to monitor open source projects and accounts for significant milestones.

- Wrote queries on Trino, a distributed SQL query engine to identify milestones; Built several Looker dashboards.

Software Engineer Intern
Samsung Research
May 2021 - July 2021

- Integrated an on-device optical character recognition module, and built an image processing layer to improve the performance.

- Designed an efficient block and schema-agnostic parsing module to extract the entity attribute pairs from the raw text.

Google Summer of Code Student Developer
Creative Commons
May 2020 - Aug 2020
Linked Commons

- Designed the backend with server side node filtering and text autocomplete feature for a graph-based visualization project.

- Revamped the design and migrated the frontend to React.js to efficiently render millions of graph data points of CC catalog.



- It makes workout tracking very easy. And helps people with personalized insights to improve your fitness journey.

- Built as part of planetscale hackathon on hashnode; Used expressjs, Planetscale, and Next.js to build a robust platform.


- The system is designed as a microservice, and the platform is built on graphql, redis (as primary database), Next.js, pub/sub, message queue.

- It's the ultimate super app for creators and their audience; Implemented a real-time chatting module using WebSockets, Redis pub/sub, and graphql subscriptions.

C Lang|libfuse|libcurl

- Using Filesystem in USErspace (FUSE) interface, built a filesystem to mount Gmail mailbox locally and use it as a storage disk.

- Supports full-duplex synchronization; Designed a caching system to service user requests at higher throughput.

Notion to Ebook
Notion to Ebook

- A lightweight library written in Typescript to convert any notion document consisting of multiple nested documents or databases into an ebook format like PDFs, with the table of contents, page cover, headers etc.

Train Ticketing
Train Ticketing

- As part of Database System course, designed and built the backend with REST architecture and the database using dynamic SQL techniques, plpgsql procedures, and triggers, for consistency, and faster query execution.

GitHub Project Bot
GitHub Project Bot
TypeScript|GitHub Action

- Using GitHub REST API, and Actions SDK built a workflow to update the project boards with recently created pull requests.

- It's used by the Creative Commons open-source team, and several other developers for their project board automation.

Form Assist
Form Assist

- FormAssist is a mobile application that embraces zero-typing, and allows users to fill tedious bank forms using voice commands.

- Designed and built serverless functions to reduce the client overhead, integrated Google auth, Aadhaar OCR and link sharing feature

RISCV Heritage
RISCV Heritage

- As part of Computer Architecture course, built a web simulator that converts the assembly code written in RISC-V instruction set architecture to machine code.

- Implemented pipelining, instruction-level parallelism, branch prediction and data forwarding

The Project Vastra
The Project Vastra

- An e-commerce platform built for Enactus IIT Ropar to connect the NGOs, clothes donors and sellers.

- This project got featured in Enactus India Nationals and has won KPMG grant.